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Mental health billing can feel like a complex and complicated process.  At Latchkey, we have streamlined the billing process so that you can focus on improving your mental health.

Latchkey counseling offers a free benefit verification.  This verification will explain what your insurance company will cover for each visit, your deductible, and/or your copay.  We will send you a simplified PDF that explains your expected cost, per session.

Additionally, when your insurance company has completed your explanation of benefits (EOB), Latchkey Counseling will review the explanation of benefits from your insurance company and then bill your credit card, debit card, HSA card or FSA card for the remaining portion of your bill.  A notification will be sent to you so that you are aware that your bill is paid and you can continue to focus on your mental health.

Question:  What is an explanation of benefits (EOB)?

          Answer:  An EOB is a statement from your health insurance 

          plan describing what costs it will cover for medical or mental 

          health care.

How Does It Work

Setting up payment with Latchkey is simple.  When you begin services with Latchkey, you will be sent a payment authorization form on your Latchkey portal.  Complete the information requested and then focus on your mental health.

Insurances Accepted

Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, PEHP, EMI, Select Health, UMR


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