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Latchkey Counseling was created to directly impact our community at large.  We believe that providing individualized services, enabling healthy relationships, and providing skill based approaches to difficult life circumstances is an effective method in creating change in our community. We invite you to be part of changing yourself and; therefore, positively impacting our community.

Our Approach

Mental health therapy requires a multimodal approached that is constructed around your needs.  Therefore, we have become experts in DBT, CBT, mindfulness and motivational interviewing.  


We have experience working with patients who experience depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-harm thoughts, interpersonal issues and mood disorders.

Philosophy of Recovery

We strongly believe that every individual has the power to improve their life and become the best version of themselves possible.  However, change is difficult and can feel overwhelming.  Our therapists take the approach that change should be individualized; therefore, your thoughts, opinions and your understanding of the world is critical to this change process.  We believe that you are the expert about you and that we are the experts in effecting change.  

Commitment to Clients

We hold firmly that confidentiality is a cornerstone of the therapeutic process.  We believe that accessing a location wherein you are able to discuss details of your life is critical to making change.  Latchkey Counseling utilizes a HIPAA compliant electronic health record system, conducts teletherapy with a HIPAA compliant platform and also provides a comfortable and confidential location for in person visits. 

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